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Lost and Found is a brand founded by Kiro Design LLC.  Lost and Found specializes in the purchase and re-design of retro, antique, mid-century and vintage furniture.  Items obtained by Lost & Found are commonly re-upholstered, re-finished, reinforced and re-designed to achieve a fresh new look.  Through the design process, many pieces that were once forgotten are gifted a new aesthetic, bringing them back to life.  The core concept behind lost and found is re-use, renew and give back. In line with this concept Lost and Found also provides a line of ready-made pillows produced from upholstery remnants.  In addition to embracing sustainable production, Lost and Found is committed to giving back.  With every purchase a portion of the proceeds goes towards the UNHCR(the UN Refugee Agency). 

Reuse | Renew

Every time you purchase an antique, vintage, retro or thrift item, you are reducing landfill waste.  New furniture requires new materials such as wood, metal and plastic.  The use of these materials can play a role in deforestation, use of non-renewable resources and pollution.  By purchasing a re-purposed piece from lost and found, not only are you minimizing your environmental impact, you are receiving a piece with a story.

The Hunt | The Find

We take great pride in finding unique pieces that will benefit from a makeover from Lost & Found.  Discovering forgotten pieces and giving them a second chance is what we do.  We source our furniture from a variety of vendors including antique shops, retro furniture vendors and mid century furniture collectors.  If the item has the potential to be rehabilitated and re-purposed into something great, we draw an interest.  

Every piece at Lost and Found has a unique history.  The design of the furniture can say a lot about the time period in which the piece was crafted.  Since Lost and Found collects furniture from all over, not all pieces are native to New York.  Once they arrive to our New York shops, they receive all the necessary functional improvements as well as the decorative enhancements.  By the end of the design process they are ready for their fabulous second life!

The Road to a New Life
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